Services Available


These are some of the activities that Santa frequently provides...

there are certainly others. If you have an idea, please let Santa help.

Home Christmas parties

A private Christmas visit from St Nick is always jolly! From a small gathering with just one or two or a 'the whole family' party, Santa is the perfect surprise guest 

Neighborhood Holiday Events

The Jolly Ole Elf is always a welcome addition to a neighborhood gathering. From the simple chance for photos with Santa to a full scale event with sleigh rides and games... Only Santa Claus can make it complete. 

Corporate Events

Ranging from the Holiday Sale you want to make special up to the Company party that proves you to be the best boss in town... let Mr. Claus show everyone that you care about their Holiday Joy!  Don't hold back on the Christmas Spirit this time of year.  

Schools & Day-Care

Santa Claus loves children and is always excited to visit with them about Christmas. Whether it's to  take some photos, visit about the holiday or even tell some stories, St Nicholas is always a hit.

Community Events

Community Holiday Celebrations range from Christmas Tree Lighting through Parades. Santa Oklahoma is experienced with these events and will provide just the "Magic" you want to add to your happening.